About this blog

My name is Massimiliano, I live in northern Italy.
I’m a software engineer and in my spare time I like to go around and take photos of interesting subjects with my mirrorless camera.

If you are looking for more info about my job as a software developer, you can look here or here

This page, and this blog, is about me and the photography I like.
The photography subject I like the most are: landscape, macro, and night photography.

Due to my IT background I'm somewhat techy about photography :-)
I want my images have low background noise and a "pixel perfect" focus. Of course, this is not always possible :-)
The majority of my photography is based on what catch my eyes, in that specific moment. It means looking at something, and feeling that's too nice to not take a shot of it.
Of course there are times in which I plan carefully what type of photos do and when to do them.

I always try to scrutinize my photos to learn from my mistakes; critical comments on my photos are welcome.

I hope you enjoy my blog :-)