Friday, September 16, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Viticcio Bay, night and day - Photography times

Viticcio bay at golden hours time... (early morning)

Viticcio bay at sharp shadows time... (lunch time)

Viticcio bay at appetizer time... (dinner time)

Viticcio bay at sunset time...

Viticcio bay at night shot time!

All these photos have one things in common: I took them with a compact camera (Canon Ixus 870).
I still hate myself for not taking with me my DSLR during our first dinner on Elba Island :-|
These photos are nice, but the quality of image produced by my compact camera can't compete with a DSLR camera. The clouds doesn't looks naturals, and the colors are oversaturated and "grainy".

Anyway, each photo not taken is a memory that can go lost. I will not forget all these moments. :-)