Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Shadows on the hills

Island of Elba (Italy) seen from the ferry.

It's been a long time since last update to this blog, these are busy times...
I'm moving in a new home, and when you go trough 15 trading centers and furniture factories only for finding a new bed, things doesn't looks so easy... :-)

Anyway, back to the business. It can seem incredible, but after finishing a complete repainting of the new home, we've been able to book one week in the Island of Elba a with an advance of only 2 days.This is what I call luck... :-)

Island of Elba is a very nice place to spend some time, you can see a fantastic sea, beachs, sunsets, hills...
So in following posts I'm going to show you some photos I took during my holidays, I hope you like them :-)