Sunday, February 6, 2011

Salsomaggiore's hills: The sun in the sky

Yesterday has been a very nice day with a clear sky. Luckily I found myself with about one hour of spare time... so I brought my reflex and went on the nearby hills.
Here you can see a view of the hills near Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy. The photo is taken from the "Costa's road".

Some experienced photographers may tell you that you shouldn't put the sun in the frame, when doing a landscape in which deepness and structure play a role. And they are probably right.
But, to me, photography is about passion, not rules. So, here is the shot. And in my opinion it's worth to have the sun in the middle of the frame, it's the main subject after all :-)

Some minutes ago I was using Google Maps ad Google Earth to find the location from which I took this photo. I could not help but notice how similar is to reality is the Google Earth rendering of these hills. A big praise for Google's engineers :-)

Google Earth view of the same place of the photo