Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chemistry Carnival #12: The chemistry in the cold of winter and the warmth of Christmas - Ice crystal on frozen spider web

Ice crystal on frozen spider web

I know, that's a strange title for a photography blog... but my girlfriend is hosting the 12th edition of the Italian Chemistry Carnival on his blog (call for paper link), so I won't miss the opportunity to link her blog back :-)
I will proudly supply the photos that she will use in his Chemistry Carnival post :-) 

If some Italian chemist is reading, the call-for-paper deadline is 21 December 2011. But you can already see some of my photos in the following posts:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Boat in the bay - Cape Enfola, reflections at sunset

Cape Enfola, mid zoom...
...Cape Enfola, zommed in...

...Cape Enfola, zoomed out.

I think I shoudn't post 3 similar photos in a row of the same place at the same time... but I cant really decide which one I like the most.
This is Capo Enfola, it mark the north boundary of Viticcio Bay, on Elba Island, Italy.
Images captured just after the sunset with my Manfrotto tripod :-)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: The Sun like a star - Burning sunset

The Sun, like a star.

Yes, I know, the Sun is a star :-) It's just one of the 2–4×1011 stars existing in our galaxy, which is only one of the 1.7 × 1011 estimated existing galaxies... wow, these figures always amaze me :-)
Anyway, in the post title I'm referring to the shape you can attain when shotting the sun at 70mm and  f 36, like in the shot above. It may be a bit exaggerated, but sometime I love to close the iris down to f 36 to shape the points of light like a star :-)

The Sun, blowing your monitor :-)

Of course, you can also shot the sun at 70mm and f 8, to attain a globular burning ball of fire that seem to blow your monitor :-) (no, it won't blow your monitor for real... :-))

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Waves and billows - Deep blue water

The wake of the ferry: waves, white billows, and deep blue water.

Photo made from the ferry that take you from Piombino to Portoferrario

Monday, September 19, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Viticcio bay, one sunset for each day


...and landscape.

Which one do you prefer? Landscape or portrait?

Did I already mention that I took a ridiculous amount of photos at sunset time? :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Viticcio Bay, night and day - Photography times

Viticcio bay at golden hours time... (early morning)

Viticcio bay at sharp shadows time... (lunch time)

Viticcio bay at appetizer time... (dinner time)

Viticcio bay at sunset time...

Viticcio bay at night shot time!

All these photos have one things in common: I took them with a compact camera (Canon Ixus 870).
I still hate myself for not taking with me my DSLR during our first dinner on Elba Island :-|
These photos are nice, but the quality of image produced by my compact camera can't compete with a DSLR camera. The clouds doesn't looks naturals, and the colors are oversaturated and "grainy".

Anyway, each photo not taken is a memory that can go lost. I will not forget all these moments. :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Isola di Cerboli - Alone, like an island

Alone, like an island, in the middle of the sea.

This is the Island of Cerboli (link to google maps) near the Elba Island, Italy.
I took this photo from the ferry.
This photo is very homogeneous: only sky, sea, some haze, and a tiny island. 
I like it's symmetry, and the fact that it exasperate the concept of "isolation" of the island :-)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Sunset on the Viticcio bay - Red reflection

View of the Viticcio bay a few minutes after the sunset.

I took this photo after the dinner, just a few minutes after the sunset.
The photo is took directly from the hotel Viticcio terrace (Island of Elba, Italy) with my tripod: 0.5sec exposure, no filter, photo shot raw, practically untouched :-)
I love this sunset, it seem a postcard :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Island of Elba by photos: Shadows on the hills

Island of Elba (Italy) seen from the ferry.

It's been a long time since last update to this blog, these are busy times...
I'm moving in a new home, and when you go trough 15 trading centers and furniture factories only for finding a new bed, things doesn't looks so easy... :-)

Anyway, back to the business. It can seem incredible, but after finishing a complete repainting of the new home, we've been able to book one week in the Island of Elba a with an advance of only 2 days.This is what I call luck... :-)

Island of Elba is a very nice place to spend some time, you can see a fantastic sea, beachs, sunsets, hills...
So in following posts I'm going to show you some photos I took during my holidays, I hope you like them :-)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Venice: Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti seen from Ponte dell'Accademia - The boat sailing the Grand Canal

A boat sailing the Grand Canal in front of Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, seen from Accademia Bridge, Venice.

I've shot this photo during my last trip in Venice for the 2011 Carnival.

I like the shape of the canal seen from the bridge :-)
Sometime I like to sepia-tone an image, it give character to the photo. It simplify the image cutting out the colors. And then you can play with the colors weight to add/remove contrast in specific parts of the image.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden insects: Coccinellidae, Ladybug that bite a leaf of sage - Gnam gnam!

Here you can see a Ladybug that is biting a leaf of sage.
I was haunting for interesting subject with my new inverted Canon 18-55mm in super-macro mode, and stumbled across this nice ladybug :-)
I've been able to take just a couple of shots before she flew away.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden insects: Macrosiphum rosae, aphid - Roses sap sucker

Here you can see the inhabitants of the roses in the garden :-)
They are "Macrosiphum rosae", aphids: they suck the sap of roses leaves.

To take this photo I've used an inverted Canon 18-55mm.
My old 18-55mm is having a second life as a super-macro lens :-)
I've bought the cheapest reverse macro ring adapter on ebay.
At maximum zoom the captured image have a real life size of about 5x3.5mm (0.20x0.14 inch)
Maybe it's not handy as the Canon MPE-65, but for 3€ (price of the reverse ring adapter), it's a great value :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Venice, Carnival 2011: It's Fantastic! - Best masks photo selection

We are at it, guys. Carnival it's over, and my "best Venice Carnival 2011" photos selection is running out...

This year I've been in Venice for 2 days. I've walked over an uncounted number of venetian bridges, I've seen hundreds of masks, I've seen many amazing foreshotening view of Venice, I've shooted 1088 photos, and it's been fantastic.

I would like to thank Venice, and all the masks that make an event like the Venice Carnival possible.
I praise you all.
I would especially like to thank my girlfriend: your presence, my darling, makes these trips memorable... and my life special :-)

That's all, folks!
Thanks for reading :-)