Sunday, April 10, 2011

Venice, Carnival 2011: It's Fantastic! - Best masks photo selection

We are at it, guys. Carnival it's over, and my "best Venice Carnival 2011" photos selection is running out...

This year I've been in Venice for 2 days. I've walked over an uncounted number of venetian bridges, I've seen hundreds of masks, I've seen many amazing foreshotening view of Venice, I've shooted 1088 photos, and it's been fantastic.

I would like to thank Venice, and all the masks that make an event like the Venice Carnival possible.
I praise you all.
I would especially like to thank my girlfriend: your presence, my darling, makes these trips memorable... and my life special :-)

That's all, folks!
Thanks for reading :-)



  1. Grazie per la bellissima dedica!

  2. Complimenti....foto e maschere stupende!!
    A presto.

    Miky e Tata

  3. Thank you for the wonderful moments in Venice!

  4. @Miky e Tata: Grazie ragazzi :)

  5. I am back :) They all look like they have been posing for you. I have to confess it was always my dream to visit Venice during Carnival. Thank you for your photos!

  6. @Olga: Welcome back :-)
    Many masks were effectively posing for the crowd of photographers... especially in the early morning :-)
    Thanks for your comments :)


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