Thursday, March 17, 2011

Venice, Carnival 2011: Purple and White masks - The mask in-between

Here is another mask from the 2011 Venice Carnival.
I love her smiling eyes...

Venice Advice: In Venice there are many hotel, in 2011 I stayed at Orion Hotel. It's near S.Marco Square, it has good price, and the staff is kind :-)


  1. These smiling eyes are amazing and intriguing :) How did you manage to come so close?
    Even if times change, we need a few traditions-Venice Carnival, for example.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments of Venice.

  2. @Olga: Thanks a lot :)

    It was the evening, I was crossing a venetian bridge... and just before crossing it I seen these two masks posing on the side of the bridge, near the water.
    Luckily I've been one of the first photographers how noticed them... I've been able to capture this image. I was near enough, and zommed to 70mm (my lens is a Sigma 17-70mm)

    Venice Carnival is fantastic!