Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parma, Ducal Park: Snow and streetlights surrounding the lake

Here you can see "Parco Ducale" (Ducal Park) in Parma, Italy.

I took this photo in the far 2006. 
I woke up early that day. The day before it never stopped snowing, and outside there were more than 8 inches of snow (20 cm).
I couldn't resist the temptation: I grabbed my camera and at 7:30 I was shooting in the park.
I've been lucky with this shot, the streetlights turned themselves off a few seconds after I made the picture :-)
I like the mood of this image. Without the streetlight it's totally different (useless) image.

More than 8 inches of snow,
and it was just the day before...


  1. @Olivier Jules: Thanks a lot :)
    I've been somewhat undecided about the color rendering of this image...
    I tried a color rendering, and it was good (maybe in another posts...); then I tried BW and it was better... but why not to try a sepia? and IMO it was the best :-)

  2. Una postal! te sigo, me ha parecido de lo mas lindo tu blog. Besos y saludos desde Argentina :)

  3. Sepia here is just gorgeous. This photo is absolutely stunning! I think photography is always about a moment. A right moment, of course.

  4. @Olga: Thanks!
    I'm totally with you, the right moment and a bit of luck will make for a great shot! :)

  5. @lunattyk: Gracias! Me suscribí a tu blog, veo fotos interesantes:)
    (Perdona el mal español... traduzco del italiano con google)