Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A weekend in Merano: nice views, walks, and Christmas market

Recently I've spent a weekend in Merano.
It's a very nice place to spend some days: a nice town to wander around, many excursion paths, nice views, and Christmas market between 25-Nov and 06-Jan.

Here are some photos from this weekend, enjoy!

Bistrot La Piazza, just above the Terme car parking, cappuccino and pastries are very good!

St. Nicholas Church (here)

Sissi statue
St. Nicholas Church (here)

St. Nicholas Church

Downtown shopping...

Rainer, a very good restaurant where you can eat great local cuisine dishes

Passirio river
Sissi statue

Passirio river near Ponte Romano

Ponte Romano
Ponte Romano

Scenic view from Ponte Romano

Winter Promenade

In Merano you can find many hiking trails, here is a photo with a map of some walks. The original map is here.

Hotel Wiesenhof
We have spent the night at the Hotel Wiesenhof.
It's a very nice hotel at just 2 km from Merano center. The staff is very kind, the restaurant is very good, and the garden looks fantastic ((there is also a very nice internal swimming pool, probably the best swimming pool I've seen in an hotel... but I left my camera in the room, so I have no photos :-) )



Merano Christmas Market


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Iseo lake view at sunset - The trees and the bench

Iseo lake at Sunset, a view
(click image to see a hi-res version)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Iseo lake at sunset panorama - Autumn colors

Iseo lake at Sunset, panoramic view
(click image to see a hi-res version)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Festival dell'Oriente 2015 - Orient Festival photos 15

And this is my last post about my visit  at the Orient Festival (Italy).
I hope you liked my photos, I'll leave you with my favorite one.